7 inch rocker home arcade game machine Mini Arcade Game fighting game logs

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7 inch rocker home arcade game machine Mini Arcade Game fighting game logs

Product description:

1 traditional TV game can only support NES format of the Nintendo game, this mini arcade more support for SFC, GB, GBC, GBA, MD format, and even support professional arcade CPS1, CPS2, NEOGEO format.

2 the size of the product: high 380mm, wide 260mm, long 300mm.

3 weight: 4.5kg gross weight, net weight 4kg.

4 the machine has 32 bit CPU, 4GB ram, 512 MB RAM, professional rocker, professional button and handle class, also has a stereo sound, the sound of the tick size is 4 1.5 Watt 2.5 inch *2.

5, equipped with children’s anti addiction lock.

6, Baidu SkyDrive thousands of games available for download.

7, 7 inch LCD screen display effect.

8, support USB connection computer, TF download software, you can also display the frequency of output, headphones and PS2 button.

9, ship accessories include: AC adapter 5V 2A, AV cable, data cable, 4 slip sucker

Reminder: please make sure to use our original power line!

To ensure that the sale of products are new origin genuine 7 days no reason to return all 15 days of free quality issues for new services Free warranty service within 1 years of the main board and the display screen (joystick, keys, keys, anti lock lock for three months) Two sales of PS: products must be returned without affecting product (artificial damage caused to dismantle, chassis appearance dented bruised) can be returned; need to repair products please contact customer service and customer service by mail to the address given mailing fee shall be paid if there is removed, with water seeping through short circuited this shop is not damaged, to the store to warranty, warranty service immediately stop. Need to pay some maintenance costs for their maintenance!! Why today’s net game, mobile game is so developed, there are people to buy this product? The answer is to have! Because no matter how advanced the network game or mobile phone games are not professional game joystick and professional game key handle, product experience and pleasure brought by these professional equipment, (as in street fighter ” “ game smooth with sense of accomplishment is the vast recruit) mobile phone games and online games can not match, more can not be replaced. The use of dual core CPU products also popular, built-in 4G memory, 512K RAM, USB computer connection, handle headset input and Sony standard, if the visual effect is not very good can also access TV, support 16G TF memory card, customers can download songs, videos, pictures, text and so on at the same time, we provide more than 3 thousand games available for download website, the customer can be free.

One, how to download the game

Method USB connected to the computer through the 1: data line, enter the first mobile hard

Disk, into the “ GAME’ folder, will you all download the game complex

System to “ GAME’ ‘ folder can be, the game in the menu with the order of the order and

Copy sequence correlation

Method 2: the game file is copied to the TF card, TF card inserted into the arcade, the boot, the system default to TF Card in the game menu, of course, also can return to the &ldquo in the file browser; U “ to return to the game. Two, how to connect with the TV Select &rdquo in the main menu; &ldquo toolbox; &ldquo toolbox; after entering ” “ system settings in the choice of ” “ TV standard ” “, LCD” TV-PAL” ” ” TV-NTSC” three; standard, choose TV-PAL” ” standard can turn off the LCD screen, and the signal output to the tv.



Specification: 7 inch rocker home arcade game machine Mini Arcade Game fighting game logs

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Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 in



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