Walabot you can see through your walls with this $199 stud finder

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You can see through your walls with this $199 stud finder

The WalabotDIY is the stud finder of the future, connecting to a smartphone to let you see inside your walls. Clearly, the trend of taking simple, inexpensive household tools and turning them into costly, smartphone-connected devices isn’t ending anytime soon.

But the $200 price tag aside, the WalabotDIY does come with a few extra features that a run-of-the-mill $16 stud finder from the local hardware store can’t do. Made by Vayyar Imaging, a company that specializes in 3D-imaging sensors, the WalabotDIY lets you see plastic and metal pipes, electric wires, and studs at distances up to 4 inches inside a wall. You can then visualize the actual location of the pipes and wires through a connected Android smartphone (the WalabotDIY connects via USB, so it won’t work with your iPhone). Vayyar Imaging also touts the WalabotDIY’s ability to sense motion, suggesting that it can be used to find pests in your walls.

Don’t get me wrong, the 3D imaging is definitely cool technology, and I can see how it would be useful for those are frequently cutting into drywall or installing wiring. But if all you’re looking to do is just hang a shelf or two, maybe save the money and stick with the old-fashioned solution for now.


Walabot see through your walls

199.99 250


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